Dr Gomez's comic strip

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Panel 1

Close-up of Dr. Gomez’s hands as she washes them in a sink. Edna Patricia Gomez left Venezuela for Colombia because of humanitarian issues back home. She is a doctor.

Panel 2

Dr. Gomez is wearing personal protective equipment to protect her from COVID-19. A fellow doctor helps her tie her gown. COVID-19 has put added pressure on Venezuelan migrants and refugees, with many losing their incomes, and some deciding to return home.


Panel 3

Dr. Gomez, now wearing a face shield, adjusts her medical gloves. Gomez now puts her skills to work by screening and treating Colombians and Venezuelans for COVID-19.

Panel 4

Dr. Gomez stands in front of a gate holding a clipboard. In front of her are men, women, and children standing on a road wearing masks. “Medicine is the best. It’s hopeful. It’s positive. We have great capacity within us to give back, especially during this global pandemic.” -- Dr. Edna Patricia Gomez

Dr. Edna Patricia Gomez

Dr. Edna Patricia Gomez is an Obstetrician and Gynecologist who works for the International Rescue Committee in Cúcuta, Colombia.

Today, Dr. Gomez helps other Venezuelans in Colombia with screening and treatment for the coronavirus. She also continues to provide women's health services, including critical prenatal care for expectant mothers.

"Medicine is the best," she says of her profession. "It’s hopeful. It’s positive. I don’t think there’s anything more perfect than the moment of creation of life, of birth. Of delivering a baby and seeing the look of satisfaction on its mother's face.”

She believes that in order to overcome COVID-19, the world must come together. This means leveraging the skills and knowledge that affected people can contribute to the response.

She says: “It’s fundamental to understand that we, as human beings, need to unite and complement each other… those affected have the capacity to contribute more than people admit.”

Her story is brought to life by artist Jose Pimienta.